Earnings Transcripts

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Cybersyn provides transcripts of company events in JSON format, mapped to Cybersyn's unified company entity index.

Sample of events covered:

  • Earnings Calls

  • Updates / Briefings

  • Annual General Meetings

  • Investor Days

  • M&A, Business Combination, and Partnerships / Collaborations Announcements

  • Capital Markets Days

  • Analysts Days

  • Fireside Chats

  • Trading Updates

  • ESG Updates

  • Product / Service Launches

  • and more!

Key Attributes

Geographic Coverage


Entity Level

Company (incl. ticker)

Time Granularity

Timestamp of event provided

Release Frequency

As made available, usually within 3 hours of the event


Varies based on the size of the company (avg. of 3 years of history)

As with all Public Domain datasets, Cybersyn aims to release data on Snowflake Marketplace as soon as the underlying source releases new data. We check periodically for changes to the underlying source and, upon detecting a change, propagate the data to Snowflake Marketplace immediately. See our release process for more details.


  • Some companies separate their events into multiple parts. For example, if this occurs, the first part is usually the general presentation by the company; the second part is the Q&A. The event "parts" are included in the EVENT_TYPE field.

  • Companies use different fiscal period systems. It is important to note that if you filter by Q1 2024, you could be referencing very different time periods between companies. Depending on your use case, you might want to filter the EVENT_TIMESTAMP field to a particular time range or take the most recent event.

  • In Development: We are in the process of working to add coverage of additional companies and more history for the companies we currently cover. We are also working to add speaker names to the JSON structure of the transcript.


All transcripts can be found in COMPANY_EVENT_TRANSCRIPT_ATTRIBUTES.

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Earnings transcripts are available as part of the paid Enterprise product.


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