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Data Catalog

Explore all tables Cybersyn offers through Snowflake Marketplace.
The Cybersyn Data Catalog is an index of all tables published across Cybersyn products on Snowflake Marketplace. CYBERSYN_DATA_CATALOG contains metadata about Cybersyn tables, including those from products you have not mounted, in one location to help you find the data you are looking for. You can start searching across datasets with our Streamlit dashboard or by accessing the table included in all Cybersyn data products.
  • You want a complete view of all Cybersyn datasets across all products.
  • You want to find datasets that Cybersyn recently added.
  • You want to understand how tables across products relate and can be joined.
  • You want more information about the sources that the data comes from.

Data Catalog Structure & Content

Formal name of the table
A human-readable version of the table name
Source(s) of the data. Note that a table may include numerous sources
URL to the underlying data source(s)
Description of the data that is included in the table
The classification of the data within the table. Examples of table types include index, timeseries, attributes, relationships, and characteristics
See Cybersyn Concepts: Unified Schema for more information
Array of entities that are included in the table. These serve as an indication for the types or granularity of data included in the table
See Cybersyn Concepts: Unified Schema for more information
Array of Snowflake Marketplace listing names (i.e. Cybersyn products) that the table appears in
Array of Snowflake Marketplace listing (i.e. Cybersyn product) URLs that the table appears in
A list of closely related tables that the data may be joined to. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all tables that can possibly be joined
Date that the table was first created and published by Cybersyn
Timestamp of the table’s last update/modification
URL to the terms of service or license for each dataset in the table

Example Use Cases & Queries

Discover new tables that Cybersyn recently released

Sort tables by their original creation date to find the newest tables that Cybersyn recently added to Snowflake Marketplace.
FROM cybersyn.cybersyn_data_catalog
ORDER BY created_date DESC;
Filter to all tables that include a specific entity type
Find the tables and sources with company-level granularity by filtering to all tables using the company_id entity.
FROM cybersyn.cybersyn_data_catalog
WHERE ARRAY_CONTAINS('company_id'::VARIANT, entities);
Search for tables by source
Search the table description and the data source for a specific keyword or source. In the example below, search for data coming from or related to the Census Bureau.
FROM cybersyn.cybersyn_data_catalog
WHERE description ILIKE '%Census Bureau%'
OR TO_VARCHAR(data_source) ILIKE '%Census Bureau%';
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