Statistics Canada (STATCAN)


Statistics Canada (STATCAN) is Canada's national statistical office that is responsible for publishing information on the country's economy, society, and environment. STATCAN provides data from a range of underlying sources and reports (e.g. Census Profile, Annual Survey of Service Industries, Bank of Canada, Canada Housing & Mortgage Corporation).

Example topics covered:

  • Gross domestic product (GDP)

  • Population

  • Household income, consumption, and savings

  • Consumer Price Index (CPI)

  • Foreign exchange rates

  • Retail sales

  • Labor force statistics including total employment by industry

  • Housing price indices

  • Government of Canada debt securities

  • Housing starts

  • Industrial product prices

Key Attributes

As with all Public Domain datasets, Cybersyn aims to release data on Snowflake Marketplace as soon as the underlying source releases new data. We check periodically for changes to the underlying source and, upon detecting a change, propagate the data to Snowflake Marketplace immediately. See our release process for more details.

Notes & Methodology

Canada Government Essentials is built around the Geography entity. Timeseries and related metadata are loaded from Statistics Canada, reshaped to conform to Cybersyn’s schema, and joined with unique geographic identifiers.

Statistics Canada is an agency of the Government of Canada that produces statistical data and insights on Canada's economy, society, and environment. Sector-level inflation, pricing, and output data includes Consumer price index (CPI), industrial product price index (IPPI), gross domestic product (GDP), average retail prices, and housing price indices. Employment data covers total population, labor force size, employment (full-time / part-time), unemployment (totals / rates), and total employment by industry (NAICS). Household data covers household income, consumption, savings rates, and liabilities. Finally real estate development data includes housing starts, absorbed (completed and sold) and unabsorbed (completed but not yet sold) dwelling units, and economic statistics (e.g. salaries, wages, operating revenue) for real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers.

Retail and eCommerce sales by province, territory, and select metro areas as well as the Canadian dollar forex rates and Canadian-Dollar Effective Exchange Rate Index (CERI) is also included.

Variable Attributes: Not all fields in the canada_statcan_attributes table are relevant to each variable. For example, the product_group field specifically applies to measures related to consumer price index (CPI). Values will be NULL if a field is not applicable to that particular variable.

Errata & Future Improvements: Cybersyn is planning to expand this listing to eventually cover the entirety of StatCan and other related Government of Canada agencies that publish relevant data on the economy and environment. Email to request the prioritization of specific additions.

Tables & Sources

Statistics Canada data is also used in Cybersyn's core geography tables.

Cybersyn Products

Tables above are available in the following Cybersyn data products:

Examples & Sample Queries

Canadian Industrial Price Index

Query the Industrial Price Index for select products to reflect price changes since January 2020

SELECT att.napcs AS label, ts.value,, ts.unit
FROM cybersyn.canada_statcan_timeseries ts
JOIN cybersyn.canada_statcan_attributes att
  ON att.variable = ts.variable
WHERE ts.geo_id = 'country/CAN'
  AND > '2020-01-01'
  AND att.napcs IN ('Dairy products',
                    'Refined petroleum energy products (including liquid biofuels)',
                    'Converted paper products (except for packaging)',
                    'Computers and computer peripherals',
                    'Basic chemicals')
  AND = 'Industrial product price index';

Employment growth across Service sector

Timeseries of employed persons by sub-sector within the Services sector since 2010

SELECT att.naics, ts.value,
FROM cybersyn.canada_statcan_timeseries ts
JOIN cybersyn.canada_statcan_attributes att
  ON att.variable = ts.variable
WHERE ts.geo_id = 'country/CAN'
  AND >= '2000-01-01'
  AND att.naics IN ('Wholesale and retail trade',
                    'Transportation and warehousing',
                    'Finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing',
                    'Professional, scientific and technical services',
                    'Educational services',
                    'Health care and social assistance',
                    'Accommodation and food services')
  AND att.seasonally_adjusted = TRUE
  AND att.trend_cycle = FALSE
  AND = 'Employment by industry';

Monthly retail prices of consumer goods products

Timeseries of monthly retail prices for standard groceries (e.g. ground beef, ketchup, butter, coffee, bacon)

SELECT att.product_group, ts.value,
FROM cybersyn.canada_statcan_timeseries ts
JOIN cybersyn.canada_statcan_attributes att
  ON att.variable = ts.variable
WHERE ts.geo_id = 'country/CAN'
  AND >= '2000-01-01'
  AND att.product_group IN ('Bacon, 500 grams',
                            'Ketchup, 1 litre',
                            'Roasted or ground coffee, 300 grams',
                            'Butter, 454 grams',
                            'Ground beef, per kilogram')
  AND = 'Monthly average retail prices';

Canadian dollar foreign exchange rate

Timeseries of the Canadian dollar forex rate for the U.S. dollar, Euro, Mexican peso, Australian dollar, Saudi riyal, Japanese yen

SELECT, ts.value, att.currency
FROM cybersyn.canada_statcan_timeseries ts
JOIN cybersyn.canada_statcan_attributes att
  ON att.variable = ts.variable
WHERE att.currency IN ('Saudi riyal',
                       'Mexican peso',
                       'Australian dollar',
                       'European euro',
                       'U.S. dollar',
                       'Japanese yen')
  AND date >= '2000-01-01'; 

Census divisions with highest disposable income

Order census divisions by median after-tax income, as reported in the 2021 Census of Population

   geo_rels.geo_name AS province_territory,
   geo.geo_name AS census_division,
   ts.value AS median_after_tax_income
FROM cybersyn.canada_statcan_timeseries ts
JOIN cybersyn.geography_index geo ON geo.geo_id = ts.geo_id
JOIN cybersyn.geography_relationships geo_rels 
  ON geo_rels.related_geo_id = ts.geo_id AND geo_rels.level = 'State'
WHERE ts.variable_name = 'Census Profile: Private household income, Median total income of households' 
  AND geo.level = 'CensusDivision'
ORDER BY ts.value DESC

Compare household savings rate and core CPI

Timeseries for Canadian household savings rate and core CPI since 2010

SELECT date, variable_name, value
FROM cybersyn.canada_statcan_timeseries
WHERE variable_name IN ('Current and capital accounts: Household saving rate, Seasonally adjusted at annual rates',
                    	'Core CPI: All-items excluding eight of the most volatile components and the effect of indirect taxes, seasonally adjusted')
  AND date >= '2010-01-01'
  AND geo_id = 'country/CAN';


The data in this product is sourced from Statistics Canada (STATCAN).

Adapted from Statistics Canada full data library. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product.

Cybersyn is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of these providers. Contact for questions.

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