OpenAlex is an open data catalog of the global research system. Built by the non-profit, OurResearch, OpenAlex details scholarly entities and how they are connected to each other. Data is derived from a range of underlying sources, offering an overview of academic research and its contributors.

Example topics covered:

  • Works - scholarly documents e.g. journal articles, books, theses

  • Authors - people who create works

  • Concepts - abstract ideas that works are about, including how concepts are hierarchically related

  • Institutions - universities and other organizations to which authors claim affiliations

  • Funders - organizations that fund research

  • Publishers - companies and organizations that distribute journal articles, books, and theses

  • Sources - where works are hosted (both the primary host source and alternate host sources), including journals, conferences, preprint repositories, and institutional repositories

Key Attributes

Geographic Coverage


Entity Level

Works, Authors, Concepts, Institutions, Funders, Publishers, Sources

Release Frequency



Publication dates for scholarly works date back to 1922

As with all Public Domain datasets, Cybersyn aims to release data on Snowflake Marketplace as soon as the underlying source releases new data. We check periodically for changes to the underlying source and, upon detecting a change, propagate the data to Snowflake Marketplace immediately. See our release process for more details.


EAV Model: All Cybersyn products follow the EAV (entity, attributes, value) model with a unified schema. Entities are tangible objects (e.g. geography, company) that Cybersyn provides data on. Index tables contain all entities of a certain type. Timeseries tables contain all timeseries' dates and values that refer to an entity type. Additional tables, such as the relationships table and attributes table, are used to describe the entities and timeseries. Data is joinable across all Cybersyn products that have a GEO_ID. Refer to Cybersyn Concepts for more details.

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