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Cybersyn is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider that is native to Snowflake. Cybersyn is creating a real-time view of the world's economy with analytics-ready data distributed exclusively on Snowflake Marketplace. Initially focused on where consumers spend money and time, Cybersyn acquires high-value datasets and builds derived data products from proprietary and public sources. Public domain data is generally distributed for free for internal use. For production use cases, Cybersyn's Enterprise public data product includes technical support, external derivative usage, point-in-time history, and backwards compatibility in addition to enterprise-only public datasets. In either case, you will need a Snowflake account to get started. This documentation is meant to expand on the data dictionary and description provided in the Marketplace listing.

Our data products are broadly focused on measuring the economy and are grouped into β€œthemes” such as Consumer, Government, Technology, and Healthcare. Each product maps to what Snowflake calls a listing which is a self-contained set of tables that can be used independently. However, the products’ table structure is designed to be approximately consistent - making it relatively easy to join data across multiple Cybersyn products (see Cybersyn Concepts for more details).

Cybersyn also publishes Snowflake Native Apps in the form of UDFs that can be installed from the Marketplace.

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