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The World Bank is an international development organization owned by 180+ countries. As one of the world's largest research centers, the World Bank publishes global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data that measures global sustainability performance. Tables currently include the following reports: World Bank's ESG Data Draft, Worldwide Governance Indicators, Global Economic Prospects, Global Economic Monitor, World Development Indicators, International Debt Statistics, Quarterly External Debt Statistics, and Quarterly Public Sector Debt.

Example topics covered:

  • CO2 Emissions

  • Natural resource depletion

  • Energy use

  • Government effectiveness

  • Life expectancy

  • Population with access to safely managed drinking water

  • Renewable electricity output

  • Voice and accountability

  • Political stability and absence of violence

  • Government effectiveness

  • Regulatory quality

  • Rule of law

  • Control of corruption

  • Regional & global growth projections

  • Internatiol debt statistics

Key Attributes

Geographic Coverage


Entity Level

Country, Country Group, Region

Time Granularity

ESG Data Draft - Annual Worldwide Governance Indicators - Annual Global Economic Monitor - Daily Global Economic Prospects - Annual International Debt Statistics - Annual World Development Indicators - Annual Quarterly External Debt Statistics - Quarter Quarterly Public Sector Debt - Quarterly

Release Frequency

ESG Data Draft - Quarterly Worldwide Governance Indicators - Annually in September Global Economic Monitor - Daily Global Economic Prospects - Biannual, January & June International Debt Statistics - Annual World Development Indicators - Quarterly Quarterly External Debt Statistics - Quarterly Quarterly Public Sector Debt - Quarterly


ESG Data Draft - 1960 Worldwide Governance Indicators - 1996 Global Economic Monitor - 1990 Global Economic Prospects - 2021 International Debt Statistics - 1970 World Development Indicators -1960 Quarterly External Debt Statistics - 1997 Quarterly Public Sector Debt - 1995

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All Cybersyn products follow the EAV (entity, attributes, value) model with a unified schema. Entities are tangible objects (e.g. geography, company) that Cybersyn provides data on. All timeseries' dates and values that refer to the entity are included in a timeseries table. Descriptors of the timeseries are included in an attributes table. Data is joinable across all Cybersyn products that have a GEO_ID. Refer to Cybersyn Concepts for more details.

The WORLD_BANK_ATTRIBUTES table details each of the World Bank tracked variables, including details on the source of the data, related ESG pillar, and related topics.

The WORLD_BANK_TIMESERIES table details historical values for each of the tracked World Bank variables.

Tables & Sources

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