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The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes data that offers insights into global agricultural commodity production, supply, and distribution (PSD) figures for the United States and other key producing and consuming countries. Managed by the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), the data covers a range of commodities including grains, oilseeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Example topics covered:

  • Production

  • Imports

  • Exports

  • Consumption

Additionally, the USDA's weekly US Export Sales Report (ESR) provides export sales activity for 40+ US agricultural commodities sold abroad. The weekly ESR is the most current source of US export sales data.

Example topics covered:

  • Weekly and accumulated exports

  • Outstanding and gross new sales

  • Total commitments

Key Attributes

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Time Granularity

Weekly, Annual

Release Frequency

U.S. Export Sales - Weekly (Thursday), 8:30am ET Production, Supply, Distribution Release Schedule - Monthly by commodity


U.S Export Sales Weekly Report - Since 1998 Production, Supply, Distribution - Since 1960

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The PSD dataset details parameters such as area harvested, production, imports, exports, and consumption for each commodity, covering both calendar years (running from January 1st to December 31st) and marketing years. Marketing years typically begin in the month when the harvest of a particular crop starts and end before the beginning of the next year's harvest. This period can vary significantly among different crops and countries, depending on when these crops are sown and harvested. The specific starting month of the marketing year for each crop is essential because it affects how production, stocks, and trade are accounted for and compared year-over-year. Marketing years are used to better align the supply and demand statistics of a commodity with its normal production cycle.

The international portion of the data is updated with input from agricultural attachΓ©s stationed at U.S. embassies around the world, FAS commodity analysts, and country and commodity analysts with the USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS). The U.S. domestic data is updated with input from analysts in FAS, ERS, the National Agricultural Statistical Service, and USDA's Farm Service Agency (FSA).

The USDA's Export Sales Reporting (ESR) data provides weekly updates on the export sales activity of major commodities, further enhancing the understanding of market dynamics within defined marketing years and giving an indication of the potential impact foreign sales may have on US supplies and prices.

USDA ESR Resources: Definitions and FAQs published by the USDA.

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Examples & Sample Queries

Commodity production data by country over time.

Determine how olive oil production is changing over time by country by market year.

FROM cybersyn.us_department_of_agriculture_commodities_timeseries AS ts
JOIN cybersyn.geography_index AS geo
  ON ts.geo_id = geo.geo_id
WHERE ts.variable_name = 'Olive Oil: Production';


The data in this product is sourced from US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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