Freddie Mac

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation


Freddie Mac is a government-sponsored enterprise in the US that purchases and securitizes mortgages.

  • House Price Index (HPI): Freddie Mac collects data on residential property sales and appraisals. Their index tracks price movements for both single-family homes and condominiums in the US.

  • Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS): Freddie Mac provides a weekly report on mortgage interest rates in the US. This tracks the borrowing costs for homebuyers and refinancers. The PMMS collects data on fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgage products, presenting averages for various loan terms.

Key Attributes

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Examples & Sample Queries

Compare 15-Year and 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rates since 2018.

Freddie Mac releases weekly average mortgage rates for the US in their Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS).

FROM cybersyn.freddie_mac_housing_timeseries ts
LEFT JOIN cybersyn.freddie_mac_housing_attributes att
ON ts.variable = att.variable
    att.variable_name IN ('15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rate, National Average','30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rate, National Average')
    AND ts.geo_id = 'country/USA'
    AND YEAR( >= 2018;


The data in this product is sourced from Freddie Mac, see license.

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