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The United State Postal Service (USPS) provided inbound and outbound change-of-address requests on the public domain from July 31, 2019 - June 30, 2023. An individual, family, or business may make a change of address request for mail-forwarding purposes when moving from one mailing address to another.

Key Attributes

Geographic Coverage

United States

Entity Level

Country, State, City, Zip Code

Time Granularity


Release Frequency

USPS discontinued releasing change-of-address data on the public domain as of June 30, 2023


July 31, 2019 - June 30, 2023.

As with all Public Domain datasets, Cybersyn aims to release data on Snowflake Marketplace as soon as the underlying source releases new data. We check periodically for changes to the underlying source and, upon detecting a change, propagate the data to Snowflake Marketplace immediately. See our release process for more details.


The USPS discontinued its change-of-address data product in June 2023.

Cybersyn aggregates measures to different geographic levels. The number of address changes are calculated at the zip code, city, state, and national levels. Note that the USPS data at the zip/city level when there are fewer than 11 requests. For this reason, zip/city totals may not sum to aggregated state-level totals. In addition to aggregating to different geographic levels, Cybersyn calculates the net change in addresses (inflows - outflows).

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