Internal Revenue Service


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a US government agency responsible for administering tax laws and collecting taxes. The IRS publishes aggregated individual income tax statistics and population data based on annual returns.

Example topics covered:

  • Taxable income

  • Total tax credits

  • Total charitable contributions

  • Population migration based on year-to-year address changes

  • Number of returns filed

  • Number of personal exemptions claimed

Key Attributes

Geographic Coverage

United States

Entity Level

Individual Income: Zip Code, State Migration: State

Time Granularity


Release Frequency



Individual Income: December 31, 2011 Migration: December 31, 2012

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IRS data illustrates underlying economic conditions at a zip code and state level as well as measuring population and aggregate income changes between counties and states. It also allows for specific measurement of county-to-county population flow.

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Tables & Sources

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Examples & Sample Queries

Track house prices and gross income inflow in a specific city

Compare Phoenix house prices vs gross income inflow

WITH county_map AS (
    FROM cybersyn.geography_relationships
    WHERE geo_name = 'Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ Metro Area'
    AND related_level = 'County'
), gross_income_data AS (
        geo_name AS msa,
        SUM(value) AS gross_income_inflow
    FROM cybersyn.irs_origin_destination_migration_timeseries AS ts
    JOIN county_map ON (county_map.related_geo_id = ts.to_geo_id)
    WHERE ts.variable_name = 'Adjusted Gross Income'
    GROUP BY geo_id, msa, date
), home_price_data AS (
    SELECT LAST_DAY(date, 'year') AS end_date, AVG(value) AS home_price_index
    FROM cybersyn.fhfa_house_price_timeseries AS ts
    JOIN cybersyn.fhfa_house_price_attributes AS att
        ON (ts.variable = att.variable)
    WHERE geo_id IN (SELECT geo_id FROM county_map)
      AND att.index_type = 'purchase-only'
      AND att.seasonally_adjusted = TRUE
    GROUP BY end_date
FROM gross_income_data AS gid
JOIN home_price_data AS hpi ON ( = hpi.end_date)
ORDER BY date;

Find zip codes with top adjusted gross income per capita

Show the top 5 zip codes by gross income that have a population of at least 10k people

	geo.geo_name AS zip_code,
	ROUND(agi.value / NULLIF(pop.value, 0), 0) AS per_capita_income
FROM cybersyn.irs_individual_income_timeseries agi -- Adjusted gross income values
JOIN  cybersyn.irs_individual_income_timeseries pop -- Population (number of individuals) values
	ON (pop.geo_id = agi.geo_id
	    AND =
	    AND pop.value IS NOT NULL
	    AND = '2020-12-31'
	    AND pop.variable_name = 'Number of individuals, AGI bin: Total')
JOIN cybersyn.geography_index geo
    ON (agi.geo_id = geo.geo_id
        AND geo.level = 'CensusZipCodeTabulationArea')
WHERE agi.variable_name = 'Adjusted gross income (AGI), AGI bin: Total'
  AND agi.value IS NOT NULL
  AND pop.value > 10000
ORDER BY per_capita_income DESC


The data in this product is sourced from Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Cybersyn is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of these providers. Contact for questions.

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