US Treasury


The US Treasury provides data on various financial indicators of the US government.

Example topics covered:

  • Daily overview of federal revenue collections by source (e.g. income tax, customs duties) and channel (e.g. mail, internet, bank)

  • High quality market corporate bond yield curve par yields

  • Treasury savings bonds: issues, redemptions, maturities by series

  • Average interest rates of US Treasury securities

  • Treasury bonds issued, redeemed, or outstanding in TreasuryDirect

Note, daily 3 and 6 month Treasury bill rates published by the Fed are sourced via FRED, an aggregator of government data.

Key Attributes

Geographic Coverage

United States

Entity Level


Time Granularity

Monthly, except federal revenue collections (daily)

Release Frequency

Monthly, except federal revenue collections (daily)


Corporate bond yields: 1984 Savings bonds: 1998 TreasuryDirect securities: 2002 Interest rates: 2001

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The US Treasury provides a daily overview of net federal revenue collections from income tax deposits, customs duties, fees for government services, fines, and loan repayments. These collections and the channel through which they are processed, such as mail, internet, banking, and over-the-counter transactions, are incorporated within this dataset. Additional data from the U.S. Treasury includes high quality market corporate bond yields, U.S. Treasury savings bonds (issues, redemptions, maturities), securities issued in TreasuryDirect, and average interest rates on U.S. Treasury securities

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Examples & Sample Queries

Find IRS net tax collections distribution by different period lengths

Explore net tax collections by the IRS from 2015 onwards on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

WITH daily_tax_net_collections AS (
    SELECT date, SUM(value) AS irs_tax_net_collections_amount
    WHERE variable_name RLIKE 'IRS Tax Net Collections Amount:.*'
    GROUP BY date

    cals.calendar_name AS period_type,
    SUM(taxes.irs_tax_net_collections_amount) AS irs_tax_net_collections_amount
FROM daily_tax_net_collections AS taxes
LEFT JOIN cybersyn.calendar_index AS cals
  ON BETWEEN cals.period_start_date AND cals.period_end_date
WHERE cals.calendar_id IN ('week_monday_start', 'month', 'quarter', 'year') AND >= '2015-01-01'
GROUP BY cals.calendar_name, cals.period_start_date, cals.period_end_date
ORDER BY cals.calendar_name, cals.period_start_date, cals.period_end_date;


The data in this product is sourced from the US Treasury.

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