Federal Bureau of Investigation


The FBI, or Federal Bureau of Investigation, is the principal federal law enforcement agency in the United States, tasked with investigating and enforcing federal laws. Data includes crime totals by offense category across the nation and its 50 states from 1979.

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1979 onwards

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Examples & Sample Queries

Calculate growth rates of different crimes in the US.

    ROUND((ts.value / LAG(ts.value, 1) OVER (PARTITION BY ts.geo_id, ts.variable_name ORDER BY ts.date) - 1) * 100, 2) AS yoy_change
FROM cybersyn.fbi_crime_timeseries ts
LEFT JOIN cybersyn.fbi_crime_attributes att
    ON ts.variable = att.variable
WHERE geo_id = 'country/USA'
QUALIFY date = (SELECT MAX(date) FROM cybersyn.fbi_crime_timeseries)
ORDER BY yoy_change DESC;


The data in this product is sourced from the FBI.

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