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Cybersyn compiles common 2010-2030 calendars into a single CALENDAR_INDEX table. Each calendar has a unique CALENDAR_ID for users to select which calendar type they want to use.

CALENDAR_INDEX includes regular calendar periods (Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Years) and 4-5-4 retail periods (Months, Quarters, Years). All Retail 4-5-4 calendars include the restated periods to account for years in which there are 53 weeks.

Individual periods within the table include start and end dates. The relevant annual period and the ordinal position within the annual period are also included. For example, an ordinal position of 100 in the daily calendar indicates the day is the 100th period in the year.

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4-5-4 Retail Calendars & Restatements: The 4-5-4 retail calendar is a standardized accounting and reporting calendar system, used by many retailers, where each fiscal year is divided into 13 weeks. The calendar aims to align with shifts in weekends and holidays to facilitate more accurate financial comparisons.

A 4-5-4 retail year is typically 52 weeks, but every 5-6 years, there is a 53-week year. Such 4-5-4 retail years get a restated 52-week version of the year in order to maintain comparability to the following year. For each of the 4-5-4 retail calendar years with 53 weeks, the table provides restated 4-5-4 retail periods in addition to regular 4-5-4 retail periods. The 53-week years since 2010 have been 2012, 2017, and 2023. Only the restated periods appear in the restated retail 4-5-4 calendar types (i.e. only periods in 2012, 2017, 2023).

Use cases for the restated 4-5-4 periods include comparing a 52 week year (2018) to a 53 week year (2017). In this case, users would compare 2018 periods to the corresponding period (ORDINAL_POSITION_IN_ANNUAL_PERIOD) from the restated 2017 calendar; the non-restated 2017 calendar would be compared to 2016 numbers.

Future Improvements: Add additional calendars to the calendar index such as specific fiscal calendars and holidays.

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