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Knoema Data Sunset - Transitioning to Cybersyn

FAQs for public data customers transitioning to Cybersyn
Welcome to Cybersyn! Knoema is in the process of sunsetting their public data listings and as of December 31, 2023, customers will no longer have access to Knoema shares. As part of our continued expansion of public domain data, we are adding additional data sources to Snowflake Marketplace for customers who currently access public data from Knoema.
To support you throughout the transition from Knoema to Cybersyn, our team is available for an introductory call (click here to schedule) or over email at [email protected]. See below for FAQs and a link to the mapping of Cybersyn and Knoema listings to help you get started.
View Cybersyn listings mapped to Knoema listings here.
Who is Cybersyn?
Cybersyn is a Data-as-a-Service provider building public domain and proprietary economic data products on Snowflake Marketplace. Public domain data is generally distributed for free for internal use. Cybersyn also publishes Snowflake Native Apps in the form of UDFs and Streamlits that can be installed from the Marketplace.
All Cybersyn datasets are joinable, follow the EAV (entity, attributes, value) model with a unified schema, and include enterprise-wide licensing.
Learn about the vision behind Cybersyn and our founder's background building and leading the data science practice at Coatue on The Data Cloud Podcast.
What datasets does Cybersyn offer on Snowflake Marketplace?
Cybersyn has multiple listings with a comprehensive set of public domain data. The 45+ public data sources and the Snowflake listings they can be found in are viewable in our data catalog. This index is also provided as a table in all Cybersyn products.
In addition to the data catalog, you can also explore a subset of the public domain data Cybersyn provides on Snowflake Marketplace via our demo gallery.
Cybersyn continues to add additional public domain data sources that closely align with those Knoema provided. We encourage you to set up a call to discuss your data needs or email us at [email protected].
How do I get access to Cybersyn's listings?
You can go directly to the Marketplace and find all of Cybersyn’s public data listings. Once you are on a specific listing, click “Get” in the right hand panel to mount the data. To find out which Cybersyn listing best matches your Knoema listing please see: Knoema to Cybersyn listing mapping.
If you are not sure what Cybersyn listing is right for you or are not able to find a listing that works for you, please reach out. We are continuously adding new data sources and encourage you to set up a call to discuss your data needs or email us at [email protected].
How will I get notified of updates to Cybersyn datasets?
All updates across Cybersyn datasets are tracked in our changelog. These updates are summarized in release notes sent bi-weekly via email. By default, the email used to mount a dataset in Snowflake Marketplace receives the release notes. If you would like to subscribe to release notes before mounting a Cybersyn data product, you can sign up here.
Will transitioning from Knoema to Cybersyn break my current pipeline?
Yes, Cybersyn and Knoema’s databases are structured and named differently. Please review each dataset you mount to ensure that you are updating your pipelines accordingly.
How long will I have access to Knoema’s shares?
Access to Knoema’s shares will be available through December 31, 2023.
Are Cybersyn’s public data listings free to access?
We aim to make all public domain data free of charge.
We do occasionally charge for datasets that are derived from public domain data, if the transformations required to make the data valuable are significant. For example, Cybersyn Public Domain Pro includes all of Cybersyn’s public datasets and point-in-time history for relevant tables — allowing you to access all public data sources via one listing and have an auditable record of when and how data changed over time.
You can find additional FAQs about Cybersyn more broadly here. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team for an introductory call (click here to schedule) or over email at [email protected].
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